What is Wine Matic?

WINE MATIC is a wine dispenser designed with simple but effective functions in order to solve a variety of problems. The obtained result was higher than expected as it succeeded in harmonizing a series of features that render WINE MATIC a unique tool. A patent for WINE MATIC has been taken out.

100% Made in Italy. It was created to satisfy a very exigent clientele in the field of wine serving technology.

The main feature of WINE MATIC is to dispense wine while leaving it unaltered as long as possible. This feature was enabled thanks to the construction of a particular valve that helps avoid the oxidation of wine. The satinated or polished AISI 316 stainless steel structure renders WINE MATIC suitable to all places that require simple and safe technical characteristics. This wine dispenser was especially developed for highly busy venues. All operations were simplified at the utmost, from the cleaning to the dispending system and the substitution of the bottle and the gas tanks.

How does it work?

The method applied consists in controlling the gas intake in the bottle for the dispensing of wine. The system allows the exit of wine when the button is pressed. The moment the button is released the dispensing stops and the gas inside the bottle is released. With this system the bottle is depressurized and the wine that is inside the circuit goes back inside the bottle emptying completely all passages. One part of the released food Argon is deviated to the pour spout helping the complete elimination of wine residues. The remaining food Argon helps saturate the dispense circuits avoiding the entry of air.

In almost all existing wine dispensers, whether they work manually or automatically, wine always remains under pressure in the circuits or valves. Thanks to our innovative mechanism, in WINE MATIC dispensers, wine doesn?t remain in the circuit or in the valve, but instead it goes back to the bottle so that in the next dispensing the wine that is poured in the glass comes directly from the bottle and not from the dispenser circuit. This procedure was confirmed by the organoleptic analysis performed during the development tests. The glass bottle remains indeed the only suitable place for the wine preservation.

Another interesting feature of this wine dispenser is that it has a removable valve that can be extracted from its position without emptying the gas system. Every time the valve is removed, it can be cleaned by immersing it in a container full of water. This helps to keep a higher hygiene safety. Furthermore, to reach a deeper cleaning, the valve can be separated from the pour spout so that it can be washed separately. Before inserting the valve back into the bottle it is possible to dispense gas to clean the neck of the bottle by saturating it with inert gas.

The insertion of the valve in the main structure was developed with a simple but effective system taking advantage of the weight of the bottle and of the valve. The rear lever that makes the rubber cap dilate is specially shaped in order to help the easy insertion of the valve in the support structure.

The valve has been created with the possibility of adjusting the diameter of the rubber that supports the neck of the bottle to compensate the difference of diameter of wine bottles.


Technical features

Inside the main structure there are two gas tanks. One of them works during the use of the dispenser and the other one is a spare tank. Each tank has its own gas tap so that it allows the user to continue with the dispensing of wine when the first tank in use is empty.

The valve is entirely built in brass with a mechanical procedure and it has a finish with a certified NSF7ANSI Standard 51 chemical treatment. This treatment is in accordance with the italian directive DM 21/03/73 and subsequent modifications and supplements of the DL 03/03/2003 n.31. WINE MATIC wine dispensers are in accordance to CE standards.

The simple use of the valve, the type of construction, the availability of substitution in case of wear and the easy and fast way to change wine bottles, give WINE MATIC dispenser a long life in time.

WINE MATIC was developed to contain bottles with different heights and diameters.

The expansion system that blocks the bottle to the valve is adjustable, giving a 2mm (+ -) tolerance.